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Hi, I'm fizzy and welcome to my website, here you'll find some of the

things I have been working on for the PC game Battlefield 1942 created by EA Games as well as GTAIV created by Rockstar Games.

Here you can download Battlefield 1942 Maps that I have created there are Battlefield Tutorials, tools, etc and texture packs for GTAIV.



News and Updates



The new website is up, It is something that i have been wanting to do for some time now and it is here, The main thing with it was to have a proper section for GTAIV.



Thanks to:


A special thanks to Cajunwolf for all his help on Battlefield 1942 AI.


Thanks to Smig for those great Battlefield 1942 custom

objects he has made.


Thanks to the team at EA for Battlefield 1942,
awesome game and I do hope for remake of this game.