Ninco Digital MDF Wood Routered Slot car Track


I have been working on a new slot car track it will be Ninco digital and the track will be made from MDF so far I have the tables made
and I have one section of the track done and is working one of the switch points needs to be fixed but is going well I have the pictures,
These pictures are of the tables and of the track switching mechanisms,






The track is taking shape, paint is going on and the rails are being laid,
and wired,





Now time to join the outer section the the mid section of the Slot car track using some bolts to hold the two sections together,





Now to router out the Back straight section of the track and I will be putting in two switch points a left and a right,






The front section of the track Has been started... This will be the main straight where the Cars will start from and There will be a pit road for car's to come in and refuel,






Two sections of the track are basically done... still need to lay the rails for the second section and fill in the screw holes.






The track has had a color change, I have started to add stairs for the bridge and a building is taking shape in the back ground which will be an apartment with shops at the bottom.






The wall around the track are made of plaster and I used strips of MDF to hold the plaster in like a mold when dry I removed them and as you can see the building in the back ground is pretty much done need to add a roof and some balcony decoration... getting there.






More shots of the plastering, painting, grassing and the lights on the building.






I am now doing two of the ripple strips for the inside of the track.